Is your cat normal?

Hello, and meow from Molly, past these months Molly became quite brave and unbrave at the same time. Brave: she started to go to the balcony , sit on the windowsill and sometimes watched birds fly. Unbrave: when somebody comes in she just disappears under the bathtub or under the bed.

Well,let’s get to is your cat normal! Sleeping all day, chasing shadows all night, getting high on mysterious herbs ,that is a day of a normal cat .A cat rubbing her face on you is a sign of affection. Cats have glands on their cheeks and the corners of their mouths. When they rub up against your leg or other body part, they leave some of their scent on you . Sometimes they do it against furniture and other things to mark their territory. Eating small amounts of grass can be nutritious for cats. large amounts can cause vomiting. If your cat is drawn to eating greenery, take inventory of your houseplants. because a lot are poisonous to cats and other pets.

 For unknown reasons, wool is particularly appealing for cats . Some suck on it. Some actually eat it. Some cats may even eat big holes out of sweaters. This behavior is considered compulsive and is most common in indoor-only cats. It may help to provide tasty alternatives, like catnip, grass, lettuce, or rawhide. . And also this cat litter is actually amazing! it can see if your cat is healthy or not!

It’s christmas time!

Hi, it has been a very extremly long time since i posted! Well it’s better to post than not to! Molly is fine , so don’t worry about her

Here some advice cats:

Do not give too much food to santa cat! just give some small treats, plus you will be able to eat the rest left and santa won’t be like this:

Secret Santa GIF - SecretSanta Pusheen Cat GIFs
And if you don’t have a fireplace santa can use the cat flap.

well goodbye from molly and polly where ever she is!

Snow on October???❄️

SNOW????  on October? just type ‘weather in Siauliai’ and you get -1 c( or 31f). I wonder how cold it will be in winter, probably -21c. Well, it will be bad for the  humans because basically they are hairless cats.

WELL, meow from Molly and Polly where ever she is…

Kitty Highkitten GIF - Kitty Highkitten Mdmacat GIFs